Helping tech startups navigate the challenges of growth
We are experienced tech startup GTM executives who will help you avoid costly mistakes and efficiently build/rebuild a best in class sales, marketing and customer success machine.

We've spent the last 20+ years growing small and medium-sized businesses by focusing on the two core problems in which most struggle:
Making sure your offering, ICP, story and people align with your strategy/goals.
Building the necessary sales processes and infrastructure to steer and accelerate the business’ growth.
Startup founders create brilliant solutions but often face challenges going to market to achieve scalable revenue.

Their challenges include:

-Difficulty pinpointing the ideal customer profile (ICP)

-Overcomplicating the value proposition

-Unfocused sales and marketing strategy

-Inefficient or unbalanced organizational structure

-Ineffective sales/marketing tools and processes

-A feature sale versus a value approach by reps with minimal direction, training and consistency

In many instances, unlocking growth potential merely requires the insight of an experienced, unbiased perspective to assess the entire operation and offer solutions for seizing market opportunities.
First Trax takes a unique approach to helping serve clients. We love to have skin in the game. If we are excited about our client's business we will take a portion of our fees in equity so that we can capture some of the upside of the value we deliver to our clients.
GTM STRATEGY: We build smart, clear and scalable game plans for startups... Here's how:
Define the ideal customer profile
Create a powerful and easy to understand value-based story
Revenue Growth
Deliver a strategy and roadmap for hyper-growth
Rightsize and optimize go to market teams
AI GTM  Accelerator
Turbocharge sales growth and scalability using AI driven automation
Develop a set of simple directions/guidelines that the entire team can follow
Dan Hurwitz is a startup executive with a background in SaaS and digital marketing/media sales for early to growth stage companies.

Dan has a track record of outstanding revenue increases at multiple startups, four notable acquisitions and an IPO.

He quickly gets his hands into all aspects of the company; listening, asking questions, getting out to the market and evaluating the entire operation. Dan then moves fast to initiate all the changes required to create a highly efficient and scalable revenue generating machine.
Jeanne Sachs is a proven sales and marketing executive that achieves outstanding revenue growth for media, Ed-Tech, Mar-Tech, SaaS startups, and more.

She's grown businesses from zero to multi-million dollar enterprises, and achieved triple digit revenue increases for companies such as Atomic Reach, Babblebox, Viacom, NBCU, GoNoodle, Social Media Today, Webkinz and more.

Jeanne builds, revamps and/or scales sales teams to drive exceptional revenue growth. Jeanne is also a blog contributor and thought leader for Atomic Reach, Business2Community, DNN Corp., Penthera, Silicon Valley Tales and Social Media Today.

Jeff Sears is a seasoned GTM leader with 25+ years in emerging technologies and sales for early and growth stage firms.

Jeff's expertise as a sales and marketing leader for CRM, AI, and Cloud technology, positions him as a strategic asset for GTM startups. His background in corporate law and success in the MedTech, CPG and FINS sectors demonstrate his ability to deliver transformative solutions.

Jeff has a track record for driving revenue growth, developing high-performing teams, and forging key partnerships, especially with Salesforce and Microsoft allies.

Jeff's approach focuses on leveraging AI + data + CRM for innovative GTM strategies making him an invaluable contributor to sales hyper-growth and client success.
"Jeanne is an outstanding leader who helped make Atomic Reach a great place to work. For just under two years, Jeanne was an invaluable member of the Atomic Reach leadership team running all business development related activities. Whether developing go to market strategies or executing on tactical campaigns, Jeanne approached every challenge with insight, intelligence, commitment and excitement. As a consummate leader and professional, Jeanne’s motivational leadership style pushed our team to excel with consistency and passion each and every day."
-Bradley Silver, CEO, Atomic Reach
"There's one word to describe Dan - RAINMAKER. He builds amazing teams, sets a high bar, and then executes with the best of them."
-Scott Dunlap, General Manager/CEO, Runtastic
"I hired Jeanne to build and manage the advertising sales team for the digital gaming division at Ganz. Jeanne quickly learned the brand, the organization and the people. She was able to uncover challenges, suggest solutions and overcome them using her creative thinking, collaborative approach and expertise. Jeanne hired and managed a team of "top notch" sales professionals across the US and Canada. She delivered exceptional results, went above and beyond in providing support for her team and our clients. Her positive attitude, thoughtfulness and drive made her an absolute pleasure to work with. And she exhibited genuine integrity and gained respect from all those she worked with as a person and a leader. These strengths make her a valuable contributor to any team. I was pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Jeanne. And I am a big supporter of her contributions and commitment at Atomic Reach".
-Craig Wallace, SVP, Ganz Studios (Webkinz)
"Dan knows how to build and create great sales teams. His expertise at operations, understanding of the overall process, and his willingness to lead from the front creates an environment in which good salespeople have the chance to shine."
-Will Chapman, VP Sales Penthera Partners
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